Art and childcare

A very telling sign on an art gallery on B.C’s Sunshine Coast “Summer gallery hours 10.30 - 6.30 except if we don’t have child care.” Never let it be said that lofty artistic aspirations can’t co-exist with the hum drum of day-to-day logistics (in fact, that might be the only way art is ever created…)

Desire and Creativity

Desire is both a big word and a small one.

When couples are struggling to find time, energy and headspace to make love, they are often given the advice not to wait to feel desire before initiating sex. Instead, they are advised to make love – to take action – and let the “mood” follow.

I’ve always felt that art, for the most part, works along the same lines. Turn up, and let the mood, the desire, find you. That might be all it takes.

But, if the problem persists, it might be worth asking more questions. Like, why is desire lacking?

To continue the metaphor, are you feeling tired, overwhelmed, distracted, under too much pressure or in pain? Are you finding it hard to turn off your brain after a week of too much “input”? Are you feeling unsafe, angry, or hurt?

Maybe you miss the old passion, but you know it’s just that the “new relationship energy” has morphed into something more sustainable, less consuming?

Or is a bigger solution required? Have you fallen out of love or lust? Are you worried that the level of commitment expected of you is more than you want to offer? Do you need to be alone for a while, or casually date with no pressure? Do you need to leave your partner and find a new one?

In other words, is this a problem that requires a large, dramatic solution? Or can it be solved with small changes –a small tweak here, some self-love there, a few gentle conversations? Does the solution lie in rekindling the old desire, or moving on to a new one?

Or, are you at a point where conversations about desire are completely beside the point and just getting in the way? Because, you know, sometimes you just have to finish the job you started so you can get a good night’s sleep…

An article from Austin Kleon on writing and fatherhood. Main message: don’t use your kids as an excuse not to turn up to “the thing.”

Irony alert. I usually write about balancing parenting and writing myself. There is a small chance that I have to rely on articles written by someone else since I’m not currently writing about the topic. Why? Because I am too occupied with looking after a young baby and a preschooler. In fact, it’s been 16 weeks since I last remember defiantly asserting that parenting and creative endeavours can co-exist. How old is my baby, you ask? Almost 16 weeks….

But, it’s temporary!! Right? Right? ….:)

Interesting article by Doug Sundheim called “To Increase Innovation, Take the Sting Out of Failure” on how to make risk-taking more meaningful, and palatable.

When I talk about the importance of failing, my workshop participants or coaching clients almost invariably look at me like I’m crazy and ask “why on earth would I WANT to fail?!” This idea of deciding what a “smart failure” is is really compelling, I think…

What would a smart failure look like in your creative life?

(HBR Blog Network. Doug Sundheim. Jan 9, 2013.)


What Makes You Itch?

If you sometimes feel that it’s “all retch and no vomit” and would like 2013 to be the year you actually life the way you want to live, watch this beautiful (short) video about following your desire…

(What if Money Was No Object - What would you Do? - Time to Unslave Humanity Part 1 of 25 from TragedyandHope’s YouTube channel. Narrated by Alan Watts.)

Sometimes a good idea is a bad idea turned upside down.

Yay for play! (And innovative marketing.)

Piano stairs. - 

Watch this if you ever find yourself believing that your art depends on expensive equipment. 

Landfill Harmonic, a film about people transforming trash into music, love, courage and creativity. . posted on Facebook by Amir Sepasi.

Creative wisdom from my 3 year old: “Sometimes when you want to draw, it’s ok to just scribble. It means you’re learning.”


How Creativity is Affected by Time

This lovely video (just a few minutes long) shows the importance of having time to come up with new ideas and create. I love it! 

(This is on YouTube, but I’m not sure what the original source is. I think it might be Cafe Communications: If you know, please drop me a line so I can credit it properly.)